Ray Cooper

Inspirational improvisations and arranged soundscapes for the celebration of life. Ray Cooper's solo piano album, Tabernacle, released in December, 2005. Tabernacle represents the celebration of life and forward momentum. This CD features Coopers's original compositions for piano as performed and recorded at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Vancouver B.C. In this work, Cooper has created a tapestry of arranged pieces interwoven with improvisational work inspired by moods and emotions - reflecting moments of the day.

Ray Cooper is a Composer and Producer who has written and arranged for albums, television and film. Ray Cooper is passionate about composition as well as artistic collaboration. His years of studio experience and musicianship brings an exciting and dynamic level of excellence to his arranging, engineering and producing. Ray has a special talent for grasping an artist's vision, which enables the songwriters/musicians he works with to realize and even exceed their project vision. His focus is always one of forward motion and expansion. This brings a very unique and positive flow to all of the projects he is involved with.

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