Ray Cooper

composer, musician, producer, engineer.

Called to music and to the piano at an early age, Ray Cooper, in his rural birthplace located in the heart of Saskatchewan, Canada, used music as solace. Rejecting the formal constraints of the classical performer, he went on to explore guitar and keyboards which lead to session work and a tour across Canada - after which he became fascinated with the inner workings of the recording studio.

While completing his bachelor's degree in Composition and Theory at the University of Saskatchewan, he came under the tutelage of Dr. David L. Kaplan.  The esteemed professor challenged him to further pursue the world of composition which sparked a deep commitment to musical exploration that would continue to drive Ray forward.

After moving to Vancouver, B.C., he completed his master degree in Audio Engineering & Production and began work in some of the top recording studios in the area.

This would later lead to corporate work and working in broadcast on the team of a prominent TV series.  Ray was tapped to work on many indie artist’ projects – and yet, there was still an unanswered call to realize his personal projects. 

Tabernacle – a collection of composed and improvisational pieces emerged.  Upon arriving in California, Lisa Star – his now wife, heard the music and fell in love with both the composer and his music – formulating the shared musical home of Passion Star Music to release the project.

Fast-forward to today, Ray Cooper has completed The Poetry of Motion project - recorded at Real World Studios in the UK as well as Skywalker Sound in Nicasio, California - with a collection of compositions for a project that has taken a decade to bring to fruition. 

Ray continues to compose daily and lives with his wife, Lisa Star and two cats Star and Cooper in Marin County, California.